Review of the Slot Game Candyfinity

Have you ever wondered if the prevalence of sugary slot machines turns off dentists? During our evaluation of Yggdrasil Gaming’s Candyfinity slot machine, we were confronted with this challenging query. To begin, I’d want to explain what the game’s name means. First, and maybe most clearly, Candyfinity is a slot machine based on the candy theme. The second part is a win mechanic that adds extra reels as winning combos develop, resulting to a dynamic where the grid grows and the multiplier increases as more and more wins occur. Candyfinity is quite similar to what companies like ReelPlay and NetEnt have been working on. On the other hand, Yggdrasil Gaming has added more than enough originality to give Candyfinity its own kind of gambling.

To be fair, though, it doesn’t appear to be that original. Candyfinity’s backdrop is made out of typical items like candy, a doughnut, ice cream, and sprinkles; in other words, a lot of sugary treats. Surprisingly, though, a raspberry may be found. Maybe it’s like when you try to trick yourself into thinking you’re being healthy by mixing fruit into ice cream. By the way, please don’t pass judgment. Candyfinity appears to be what it is supposed to be.

The next step is to figure up a strategy for taking on Candyfinity. First, decide whether to activate the Golden wager or purchase a bonus, and then place a basic wager ranging from 20 p/c to £/€20 each spin. The Golden Bet doubles the stake and doubles the possibility of winning free games. You may purchase free spins at a multiplier of 100x your wager if you get 3 or more bonus symbols, or you can purchase a guarantee of 6 bonus symbols if you wager 500x your wager. While the mathematical concept is very unpredictable, it looks that the RTP is fixed at 96% regardless of how the game is played.

Playing Candyfinity begins on a grid that’s 6 reels wide and 3 rows high, for a total of 729 possible paylines. To receive a payout, you must line up similar symbols across at least three consecutive reels, starting on the leftmost reel. When you start winning, you tend to keep on winning. A new reel is revealed to the right, and winning symbols remain where they are. If a winning combination occurs on the new, higher-paying reel, play will continue on the original reel. With the following win, a further reel is added that is 5 places high, and with subsequent victories, the new reels are 6 rows high. There are 46,656 potential outcomes when everything is set to maximum. In addition, an x2 multiplier is generated after a victory that spans all six reels, increasing by +1 after each further win. If there is presently no winning combination on reel 1, landing two scatters will start or prolong a streak spin. Between each paid spin, the multiplier and stacked reels will reset.

Candyfinity features 8 regular symbol payouts. Diamonds, clubs, spades, and hearts candies make up the first four, while candied watermelon, orange, blue, and red sweets make up the last four. Low payouts for landing a 6-of-a-kind winning manner range from 0.50 to 0.75 times the wager, while high pays range from 1.25 to 10 times the stake. The wild symbol in this game can be used in place of any other sign to help you win.

Sugar Rush: Slot Bonuses

The free spins bonus round is up next for discussion in Candyfinity. Free games of 6, 8, 10, or 12 are awarded for seeing 3, 4, 5, or 6 bonus symbols. Free games cannot be retriggered as bonus symbols, which have been accumulated during base game streaks, are deleted from the reels during the bonus round.

If fewer than 12 free spins have been granted, the player has the option of risking their winnings in a bid to increase their total to a maximum of 12. Extra free spins can be won by taking a risk, but if you lose, you lose everything. The bonus round’s extended reels and multiplier remain in place during the free spins.

The Final Say on Candyfinity Slots

You already know that there are a ton of slot machines in the sweets subcategory to choose from. Like Augustus Gloop to Willy Wonka’s river of chocolate, casino game developers can’t seem to get enough of the genre. Yggdrasil Gaming has developed a masterpiece, though, proving that there are many strong concepts that can be crammed into games with a similar aesthetic. Whether or not it was influenced by ReelPlay’s Infinity Reels mechanism and, by extension, NetEnt’s InfiniReels, Candyfinity is a delightful slot game that is sure to delight fans of the genre.

Candyfinity differentiates itself from other ‘infinity’ slot games by adding reels to the left rather to the right. Fascinating because it defies common sense, like reading a book in Arabic or Hebrew, which reads from right to left, to someone whose native language reads left to right. However, in Candyfinity, this strategy may work like a charm. If the new reel does connect with the old one and the winning symbols have moved, you win big. It’s a great method to get successive victories without a cascade, reaction, or fall, and it also breathes fresh life into the ‘unlimited’ reel-adding technique.

The fact that Candyfinity does more than just add a reel to the right and move victories there is also really neat. There are also hidden rows and a multiplier for combination lengths of six symbols or more. In sum, this is a lot like Yggdrasil Gaming’s Double Max feature in that it starts off great and has the potential to grow even better and sweeter as it spreads. Candyfinity is also quite effective monetarily, since it may yield wins of up to 38,837 times the initial wager. After finishing the game, I was pleasantly surprised by Candyfinity, which far above my low expectations and was not just another sugary, forgettable candy slot. Even though its volatility is high, gamers that enjoy sweets, ‘infinite’ type mechanisms, or slots with a build-em-up mentality should give Candyfinity a try.

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